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Letter: Councillors, please protect our Old Town
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Dear editor:

Last week, I sent a letter to Niagara-on-the-Lake’s town councillors and the lord mayor asking them to adhere to the town plan regarding heights and area of land covered by buildings and heritage context.

Five of council’s nine members have ignored the town plan and protecting Queen Street’s heritage district (the first national heritage district in Ontario).

In her rebuttal to Bob Bader’s comments (“Mayor and councillor push back against hotel criticism,” The Lake Report, June 20), Coun. Maria Mavridis points to two-storey underground parking at King’s Point (where I live) as if it is the same as the three-storey parking proposed for Rainer Hummel’s hotel development on Queen Street. The worry is it will be flooded due to the area’s high water table.

She doesn’t acknowledge the difference between five storeys proposed for the Parliament Oak site and three storeys of King’s Point (allowed, down from four storeys requested).

Why did the Niagara District School Board refuse to let NOTL buy Parliament Oak?

Obviously because the 5 C mentality prevailed: conservative, competitive, capitalistic commerce at all cost.

We local taxpayers may have to leave our town to the rich tourists and their avaricious developers.

Town council, please save our Old Town.

Elizabeth Oliver-Malone

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