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Friday, March 31, 2023
Letter: Baldinelli calls federal online content bill dangerous
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

The Trudeau government will stop at nothing to control what Canadians see online.

Through Bill C-11, the government is seeking to expand the mandate of the CRTC so that unelected bureaucrats will have the power to define and regulate what counts as “Canadian content” on the internet.

Bill C-11 would effectively leave it in the hands of these content gatekeepers to promote certain types of content while pushing down information the government doesn’t like.

Clearly, this legislation undermines Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms and puts their civil liberties at risk. The passage of Bill C-11 would enable government censorship, empowering the Liberals to amplify voices it deems favourable and quiet or silence those it does not.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ministers have tried to brush away Canadians’ concerns by claiming that the bill would support Canadian culture and “level the playing field” for Canadian content creators.

However, these claims, fall completely flat in the face of evidence the bill would do the exact opposite.

By forcing platforms like YouTube and Spotify to favour nationality over engagement, online creators in Canada risk limiting their reach to global audiences, having their viewership drastically reduced, and their content demoted.

Trudeau should not be able to control what Canadians see on their playlist or their Netflix account. Canadians can decide for themselves what they want to watch or listen to.

This is not a problem that needs fixing, regardless of what Liberals and unelected bureaucrats may tell us.

One thing is clear: there is no Canadian culture without free speech. Bill C-11’s supposed attempt to protect the former by limiting the latter is not only misguided but dangerous.

With the bill back from the Senate for consideration in the House of Commons, Conservatives will continue to fight for its defeat and protect free speech for Canadians.

Tony Baldinelli

MP for Niagara Falls riding

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