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Letter: $75 is small price to pay for superior, private health care
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

When I opened up the March 16 edition of The Lake Report to see my letter (“Let people buy better health care if they can afford to and want to,” juxtaposed with another letter, allegedly critical of privatizing health care, I read Richard Wright’s piece, “Liberals, NDP need to act to stop privatized health care,” with great interest.

I was expecting to read a privatized health care horror story but to my surprise it was exactly the opposite.

Let me get this straight, the public health care system would have left Mr. Wright’s brother-in-law to suffer for several months, but for a “whopping” $75 he was treated in a manner far superior?

But sure, let’s not forget the doctor made a greedy profit from the procedure.

I’m sure the doctor enjoyed a nice Big Mac with the likely $7.50 pre-tax profit he made from that $75. If this is an example of a privatized health care “horror” story, please keep them coming.

Alexander Evans

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