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Letter: Are we turning NOTL into the Hamptons?
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

So, Rainer Hummel says Benny Marotta’s proposed five-star hotel is needed, (“‘This is not Disneyland’: Residents angered after two hotels approved,” The Lake Report, June 13).

Really? What else would you expect one developer to say about another developer’s proposal to build a 129-room hotel on the old Parliament Oak property?

That’s like asking the old MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., which clear-cut thousands of acres of B.C. forests, how it feels about the pulp and paper industry.

Hummel says we need this kind of elite hotel to attract tourists who don’t come here because of the current quality of hotels. So, who are these people? It’s not just 129 of them, but more like 300 guests on a rolling basis. 

I remember when we didn’t have enough workers for this town and now we will need even more.

What about parking for the service workers? Most of them have to travel from out of town since no one on minimum wage can afford to live here.

It feels like Niagara-on-the-Lake is becoming something like the Hamptons — a place where we cater to the very rich.

And while I have nothing against wealthy people (I’ve known many extraordinary philanthropists), being rich doesn’t make you a better person.

Anyone who works in the service industry in town will tell you that the more money people spend here, the more demanding they are.

And surprise, a lot of them don’t tip. Not even on Christmas Day.

Those entitled guests at top-end hotels will want only the best restaurants, too. No falafel takeout for them. Goodbye mom-and-pop restaurants.

We’ll need five-star establishments with only the best wines and the finest service. Remember when there were whispers about a casino at one time? 

When is enough enough? Hopefully not after it’s too late.

Lezlie Wade

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