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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Editorial: Worthy of the Sports Wall of Fame
Editorial. Supplied

This space is not one often used to pontificate on issues of the sporting world, but one has arisen in Niagara-on-the-Lake that really deserves comment and attention.

Remarkable. Unprecedented. Astounding. Those are descriptions that come to mind when you consider the exploits of NOTL’s Niagara Thunderhawks U22 lacrosse team.

As NOTL sporting legend Ted Wiens told us, “We’ve had plenty of teams win provincial championships, but never one that’s gone undefeated the whole season. That’s amazing.”

It is a rare feat, indeed.

But as head coach Andy Boldt mentions in his special report on our Sports pages, the bloom could be short-lived. The Thunderhawks only had players registered in two age divisions this year, so it’s unclear what will happen next season.

That doesn’t diminish the fabulous accomplishment of this team of mostly NOTL young men. Congratulations to them.

And to the keepers of the keys to the NOTL Sports Wall of Fame, we know you’ve chosen this year’s inductees already. But, respectfully, we suggest you include this entire team and coaching staff in your upcoming ceremony.

They’ve earned it.