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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Editorial: There’s good news aplenty
The Lake Report's weekly editorial. File

This edition of The Lake Report boasts several good news items (as it does most weeks).

It’s timely and welcome front-page news that the first stage of an archeological assessment will soon begin at the Niagara Baptist Church Burial Ground.

It is fitting that we are reporting this story as Black History Month begins again.

The small cemetery on Niagara Stone Road near Mary Street is thought to be the resting place for 28 or more Black settlers who called Niagara-on-the-Lake home well over a century ago.

NOTL’s heritage as an important stop on the Underground Railroad and the contributions of many Black settlers needs to be preserved and never forgotten.

The Town of NOTL and the Bereavement Authority of Ontario are to be credited for allowing the initial stage of an archeological assessment to be conducted.

This is an important historical property in Niagara-on-the-Lake and one that deserves to be preserved. But also, every effort must be made to ensure its story is told and passed on to future generations.

The real heroes in this story, though, are the members of a community committee who were told they had to come up with $5,000 before anyone would listen to them.

So, the committee, which includes George Webber, Sarah Kaufman, Cheryl Morris and Rene Bertschi, raised nearly $7,000.

Congratulations to all those who worked to make this happen. We look forward to what their work discovers.

Also on Page 1 is news that the town is extending the temporary outdoor patios that have been one of the biggest positives to come out of the pandemic.

Yes, there are some concerns about lost parking revenue and whether eventually making them permanent is the right decision. We support the idea of making these patios a fixture along Queen Street, but understand that the town likely will study and report on the concept in due course.

Our vote, if we had one, is yea.

Also, we wish St. Davids amateur boxer Mckenzie Wright, profiled on the front page, all the best as she fights in the Canadian national championships this weekend.

It’s a tough competition and the top two fighters in her division will then be eligible to try to qualify for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. She’s still a long way from making that trip, but we’ll be in her corner, cheering her on.

Lastly, it was welcome news that, after two pandemic years, the resurgent and expanded NOTL Icewine Festival bounced back to pre-COVID attendance. Sweet!

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