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Saturday, December 2, 2023
Editorial: A successful first step
The Lake Report's weekly editorial. File

Anyone grow up in a small town or have friends or relatives who did? We all probably can answer that one in the affirmative.

For young people growing up in Niagara-on-the-Lake – and, yes, there are plenty of them, probably enough for the town to have its own high school – finding or having “things to do” when you’re an adolescent or young teen can be a tall order.

’Twas ever thus.

A common theme for kids growing up in any small town seems often to be a desire to get out to somewhere bigger as soon as they are able.

But there’s a group of dedicated parents, led by Caroline Polgrabia, working very hard to change the narrative, to provide kids with some of the things that THEY want and need in our wee town.

That’s why it was heartening to see last weekend’s initial success of the NOTL Youth Campus’ first gathering, unofficial though it was.

The kids and parents and volunteers who showed up at the old Cornerstone Community Church in Virgil proved that the Youth Campus envisioned by Polgrabia and company is a welcome addition to the community.

It’s just a first step, but as our story about the pre-Halloween movie night shows, there really is a need and an appetite for youth-focused activities like the Youth Campus.

Kudos to those who made it happen, to those who turned out and to Cornerstone Church for helping give the campus a home.



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