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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Editorial: A sporting triumph
Editorial. Supplied

Two athletes entered, two gold medals won.

That’s quite a batting average, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Yes, NOTL had just two athletes competing in the 2022 Canada Summer Games, which concluded Sunday.

But both our competitors brought home gold. We’re not sure if any other municipality can top that.

Congratulations to Zubin Gatta, who took gold – and bronze – in wrestling. His bronze came a few hours after he “popped out” an elbow in a semifinal loss to the eventual gold medallist.

Anyone who has had a dislocation knows just how painful that can be and to continue competing is testament to how dedicated this teenager is.

And congrats to rower Kai Bartel, who overcame just missing the podium in men’s pair and not long afterward helped power the men’s 8 to a golden victory.

Two incredible performances by two fine young athletes.

Kudos also to all the NOTLers who volunteered at the tennis and sailing venues – and to the members of both clubs for the work they put in and the support they provided the athletes.

The Summer Games showcased some future stars and we’re proud that NOTL was an important part of it.