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Sunday, December 4, 2022
Letter: Proposed winery design is overpowering
A rendering of the proposed building for Stone Eagle Winery. (Sourced)

Dear editor:

I am writing regarding the proposed development of the Stone Eagle Winery, (“Councillors question size and height of new winery,” The Lake Report, April 7).

As usual, welcome to the lunatic design contest as another really overpowering, inappropriate design is threatening to appear.

The winery’s main building reminds me of a European train station – and not the nice ones.

There must be a lot of male designers involved with this one. They just have to have the biggest and the tallest of whatever that “cupola” thing on top is.

Having tall towers on top of any new buildings in this special historic town is just totally wrong.

Unfortunately, in the short or long run with this type of developer and this amount of money, there is not much of a guess as to what the final results probably will be.

But never say never.

Christopher Allen