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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Letter: Emergencies Act was essential to end protests

Dear editor:

I would like to thank Tony Baldinelli for his opinion piece, (“Invoking the Emergencies Act was not justified, Baldinelli says,” Feb. 24, Lake Report), but I was disappointed to read that he would vote against its invocation. 

Citizens of Ottawa must be considered as “endangered Canadians” by the very definition that he outlined in his interpretation of the Emergencies Act. 

Their right to live safely without fear of injury to family, property, and mobility was threatened by national mobs partying, honking, hurling expletives and illegally occupying Ottawa’s streets – for weeks. 

Businesses had to close, supply chains were severely disrupted, hospitals and fire departments had their effectiveness restricted – for weeks.

Municipal, provincial and federal police were put together and strategically able to end the blockade in our national capital. My best regards to them. 

Now, the Emergencies Act has been revoked, as it should be. The citizens of Ottawa seem thankful, as am I. 

I hope that a Conservative government, if pushed, would act as well in the end. 

Brian Emes