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Sunday, January 29, 2023
Letter: Roundabout is not needed, despite experts’ opinions

Dear editor:

Thank you for the article, “Roundabout is safest alternative for St. Davids, region's expert says.”

It clearly demonstrates to me what I have feared all along: So-called experts have been found/used to try to sell an idea that most people who live in the area do not want.

I do not care if Phil Weber, the region's expert, has been involved in the design of 200 roundabouts or 2,000. The intersection in St. Davids is not the place for a roundabout.  

Maged Elmadhoon, transportation manager for the Region of Niagara, is quoted as pushing back against calls for routing traffic off York and Four Mile Creek roads.

He says, “There isn't any study that says we need to move traffic away.” Well, there should be.

Also, thank you for your editorial, “Coun. Zalepa and the St. Davids roundabout.”

It is always good to remind constituents of the positions taken by their elected representatives.

Dave Alles

St. Davids

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