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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Editorial: Community lends a hand

In the aftermath of the latest “snowstorm of the century” – or at least the biggest one in a few years – we saw heartwarming evidence all around Niagara-on-the-Lake (and beyond) of people helping people.

When there's nowhere to go, because there's no way to get there, let alone no way to get out of your driveway, what happens? The community springs into action.

We heard about and saw friends, neighbours and complete strangers reaching out to help others, people responding to pleas via phone, email and social media asking for help digging out or getting out.

It also, refreshingly, brought people out of hibernation, encouraging them to interact with neighbours, check on seniors, lend a hand wherever needed, and to literally talk about the weather as many folks shovelled and shovelled for what seemed like hours.

The Town of NOTL's cleanup crews did an admirable job of clearing the roads so we could get back to what passes for normal these days. Plus thanks to the town for the brilliant idea to set up a hotline and solicit people to shovel out those who couldn't do it themselves.

So kudos to all those who did their part to make the big dig bearable and remind us all how important community and human connection is.