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Saturday, November 26, 2022
Letter: Rainbow crosswalk is the least we can do

Dear editor:

In objecting to a rainbow crosswalk in Nigara-on-the-Lake (“Argument for rainbow crosswalk is flawed,” letter, Dec. 2), Derek Collins shows his true colours.

He refers to LGBTQ as a “lifestyle,” which it obviously is not. A lifestyle is a choice; a sexual orientation is not.

Otherwise, Mr. Collins could choose to be attracted to members of his own sex for awhile, to try out this “lifestyle.” 

I invite him to give it a go, and report back to The Lake Report about how it went.

As for the alleged lack of democratic consultation about the proposed crosswalk paint job, I believe this initiative is backed by our elected municipal representatives.

We consult our citizens through elections, among other means. Mr. Collins should run for office if he believes he speaks for a majority in NOTL.

On one point, I agree with him – the pro-tourism argument is trivial. Until quite recently, LGBTQ folks were legally oppressed in Canada, and are still subject to legally sanctioned harassment, imprisonment and even execution in much of the world.

To show support for this historically abused minority by slapping down some rainbow paint is the least that our compassionate community of NOTL can do?.

Leonard George