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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Letter: Column about Parliament Oak hit the mark

Dear editor:

I have just finished reading Brian Marshall’s July 1 Arch-i-text column twice, concerning the Parliament Oak site and what is proposed for its development, “Parliament Oak questions.”

I hope many people make a point to read this and really take in what is clearly expressed in a very thoughtful and seemingly unbiased way.

It’s the kind of piece I would like to have written but not having his impressive technical background, I can only share his concern and interest.

His views on what can possibly happen in this very important and sensitive core area must be kept in the public eye.

It is very unfortunate that because of COVID the critical open house phase of this project will be the dreaded “virtual “ public meeting.

The virtual situation really seems to make public input much more difficult for many people and benefit the developer.

Also, because of the immense size and overall character of this project, there is only one chance to get this development as correct as possible.

Keep an eye on this one and be aware that the old Niagara hospital site is waiting in the background. There's more to come.

Christopher Allen