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Monday, January 30, 2023
Letter: Choosing a NOTL vaccine site is not rocket science

Dear editor:

Dumbfounded or gobsmacked for my fellow U.K. expats, disgusted and incensed was my immediate reaction to the Jan. 28 The Lake Report article, “Town looking for vaccine rollout site” about the region asking for a NOTL location for mass inoculations.

To the many who have written locally for months with an urgent call for action, plus the litany of negative TV coverage surrounding this subject, it is hard to get your head around and inconceivable that our elected representatives have yet to select a vaccine site.

Several have been suggested, the closed community centre for one. As I have written in the past, how much simpler could this decision be? it is a no-brainer: get off your butts and make a decision. No need to study this to death.

I would hate for these actors to be the ones deciding where to build an emergency medical field hospital in a war zone. The war would be over before they decided. Furthermore, I suggest any couple having a sitdown coffee could list and select numerous sites to service NOTL within 15 minutes max.

So here we sit in NOTL, in early February 2021 with no vaccines or vaccination site. Hell, it could be worse: imagine lots of vaccines and no site.

Are we heading there? Things are a lot more dire than I thought. This propensity for procrastination is of concern on a much broader base regarding residents' concerns.

During my business career I used to preach that there are three types of people. Those who:

*Make it happen (decision-makers, achievers).

*Watch it happen (procrastinators who study the simplest decisions to death, governments, politicians).

*Who are unaware of something happening (follow-the-flow types, non-contributors).

Our site selection actors are certainly not Type 1.

When we are finally prepared for the rollout, how will we be advised of the following: where to go and day, date and time?

In the U.K. people were advised as follows. A telephone call from their health provider or by mail. Hopefully not by word of mouth and not like one state in the U.S., a seniors lottery for 20,000 vaccines with more than 200,000 registered. Another fiasco .

Samuel Young


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