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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Letter: A reasonable request and reasonable solution

Dear editor: 

Re: The Jan. 21 Lake Report story, “School bus in driveway sparks neighbourly dispute.”

The school bus was in the driveway in a purely residential area that is not zoned for business.

I understand how a bright yellow school bus with black corporate signage could significantly negatively impact the ambiance of the immediate neighbourhood.

Is it fair to expect neighbours to look the other way because it doesn’t bother you personally?

I understand that not everyone has the same sensitivity when it comes to aesthetics, so for some it may not be a problem but for others it may be quite painful to tolerate.

The town puts bylaws in place for that reason, to allow residents to live in “quiet enjoyment.”

 If everyone tries to maintain that goal then they would be respectful of their neighbours' feelings and try to accommodate them within reason, of course.

I think that a 14-kilometre drive to start work in this area is a pretty reasonable solution.

Jackie Bonic

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