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Friday, December 9, 2022
Letter: Restaurants should give NOTLers priority

Dear editor:

During these difficult times, I am writing to you to express my frustrations as they relate to the “support local” or “buy local” campaigns. As these campaigns roll out, I will be the first to support them.

My particular “beef” is with the restaurant businesses. I have lived here in the region for 10-plus years. I have gone to many establishments requiring reservations, even now. When things are busy it appears that it doesn’t matter where you live and definitely NOT, if you’re local.

Now during COVID times, these same establishments that didn’t care that they let in a Toronto customer over a NOTL customer, all of a sudden are begging individuals like me to patronize their restaurant whether in person or using take-out.

It has left me with a bad taste, so to speak. If they hadn’t been rude and bullying in the good times they would have individuals like me rushing to support them. Now, I am more inclined to stay home.

It’s time that locals get recognized in some manner. As an example, it would be very easy to say to the reservations taker that I have a driver's licence that proves I’m from the area and thereby receive priority for seating.

Otherwise, best of luck in waiting for the Americans and Torontonians to arrive in the pre-COVID numbers you were use to.

Bernd Christmas