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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Letter: Bylaw officers could soften up their ‘look’

Dear editor:

As a global, philosophical, necessary conversation rages on regarding the future role and look of policing, please permit me to make a very local comment

The ubiquitous bylaw enforcement squad in our NOTL is keeping the streets clean. The officers are “out and about,” striding purposefully about our town, providing directions, instructions and citations. Good work.

But, I think they could soften up a bit. Their black outfits and stern demeanour really are unfriendly.  Would the town consider a lighter attitude and less oppressive, more suitable design? Perhaps our own Angie Strauss could design a floral top?  

How welcoming. How festive. How gay.

Think of the cops in Waikiki and the  pink shorts worn by traffic control officers in Bermuda.

Love to all,

Ross Robinson

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