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Monday, January 30, 2023
Letter: Tourist shuttle is a great idea. We suggested it 30 years ago

Dear editor: 

Thirty years ago, the town council of that time asked for volunteers who would be interested in forming a committee to look into facilitating public tourist parking.

On this committee was Dr. Ed Lemon (a brilliant man, who was snubbed by the then-council), Bob House (a town councillor who was responsible for building the sidewalk to Virgil), Blanche Quinn (who has lived here forever), Dick Davis (who had lived here for many years) and myself (having spent a few years past in town). There were two others, but my memory evades me, sorry.

Blanch, Dick and I quietly formed a subgroup, with the result that there were two reports.

The three of us suggested that the town-owned property (where now stands the library) at the edge of town be used for parking with a shuttle service to bring tourists to the main street.

And here we are, 30 years later, still trying to find the solution. In The Lake Report on Feb. 6, (“Old Town parking a problem, councillors agree, but there’s no quick and easy fix, so far”), Couns. Wendy Cheropita and Alan Bisback both mentioned the same idea of a shuttle.

Good luck to our great council with the decision.

Caroline Rigby


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