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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Letter: Queenston Quarry story evoked fond memories

Dear editor:

First of all, my compliments on your newspaper.

I have enjoyed the local history articles by Linda Fritz. Recently, the one about Queenston Quarry (“The quarrymen of Queenston,” Nov. 14) was of particular interest. 

My father worked at the quarry, and when he and my mother married in January of 1948, they lived in a house at the quarry. 

I was born in December of 1948 and lived there as well for awhile. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t ask many details of that time, but I do remember my mother saying she never ventured outside without a hoe in her hand, because of the numerous snakes. 

Ironically, when we got married in 1969, we moved into our newly built house, of all places, in Bevan Heights, next door to the Queenston Quarry. 

My father’s one-time boss, Carl Bird, lived down the street. There were times when we weren’t exactly thrilled with the noise from blasting at the quarry and the resulting rock “fallout.”

My thanks to Linda Fritz  for her story about the quarry, which stirred memories for me.

Phyllis Babyk