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Writers’ Circle authors return with Books at the Barn
Front: Eileen Campbell, Sharon Frayne, Patricia Nicholls-Papernick, and Paul Masson. Rear: Terry Belleville and Kathryn Recourt. Supplied

Paul Masson
Special to The Lake Report

The NOTL Writers’ Circle is holding another book fair and chance for visitors to meet some of the authors – and enjoy the return of the Strawberry Festival.

Books at the Barn returns to 322 Simcoe St. in Niagara-on-the-Lake on June 18, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., across from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, where the annual Strawberry Festival will also be held. 

Like the first Books at the Barn in December, this will be a chance to meet area authors, buy their books, and, if you wish, get them autographed.

The available books cover a wide range of genres and styles: children’s stories, fantasy, mystery, romance, historical fiction, young adult literature, as well as memoirs and other non-fiction subjects. There is likely to be something of interest for all readers. 

The following authors are planning to be on hand.

  • Terry Belleville, author of “Raising the Bar,” (a young couple struggle to restore a ramshackle country pub in Australia in the 1930s), “Matters of Kindness,” (nine short stories reveal different aspects of kindness), “The printer, the actress, and the cat she couldn’t mention,” (a romantic comedy set in Buffalo and New York City), and “Things That Happened Or Might Have,” (a collection of 15 short stories, many of them true).
  • Elizabeth Currie, who writes page-turning fiction for women, will have available “Lucifer’s Pride” (rival sisters hook up with the most notorious bike gang in the world. What price will they pay for love and money?)
  • Sharon Frayne, author of “Caught Between the Walls,” a hybrid novel combining research and fiction set in the historic NOTL Court House and Jail.
  • Paul Masson, who will present his latest novel, “Evil Ever Lives,” the fourth volume in his detective series the “ABC Files.” A collection of his first three novels will also be for sale.
  • Patricia Nicholls-Papernick will have two selections available: a biographical novel spanning over 100 years, many hardships, two world wars, Alzheimer’s and survival; and a trilogy of seasonal miracles (a detective story, a fantasy and a love story).
  • Kathryn Recourt, who writes stories for children ages 3 to 8, will have available all three books in her Sir Archibald Droolsalot series, including the latest, “Puppy Dog Blues.’

In addition, books of several Writers’ Circle authors unable to attend will be available on June 18. They include:

  • Contemporary romance by Marie Kelly, including “Fiancee for the Billionaire” and “Secretary for the Billionaire.”
  • Memoirs of NOTL residents and works of Canadian stories written or published by People’s History author Randy Klaassen. 
  • Three fantasy novels written by Richard West (“Lightning People: Discovered,” “Lightning People: Entangled,” and “The Hive Revealed”) and a collection of short stories based on Second World War experiences (‘Recollections of War”).

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