20.3 C
Niagara Falls
Sunday, July 14, 2024
NOTL under severe heat warning this week
Reuben Eshuis gives his friend Nick Draayer a little relief from the heat during a slowpitch tournament in NOTL on June 17. RICHARD WRIGHT
Emily Cole and Joe Cambria found comfort with lots of water and the shady area of the Veterans Memorial Park June 17. Temps got up to 31 C. RICHARD WRIGHT
Even just keep her toes wet and cool was enough for Raisa Obukhovsky to beat the heat this week at Queens Royal Park Beach. RICHARD WRIGHT

Environment Canada says if there is a place to be during the heat wave sweeping across southern Ontario this week, Niagara-on-the-Lake is among the best of them.

“Niagara is between a lot of water and the lakes are still on the cool side,” said Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist with the national weather and climate agency.

“They haven’t yet absorbed the heat of the summer so if you can get a breeze from the lake, that will be great.”

Temperatures are expected to reach above 30 C for much of this week, with the humidex making it feel over 40 C at times, affecting everything from comfort, mood and health.

Cheng also reports that overnight lows are staying above 20 C for the majority of the week.

While most are well aware of the risks too much exposure to the sun and heat can cause, and take the proper precautions to avoid that, the onset of heat-related illnesses and injury can still happen without notice, said Cheng.

He suggested there are a number of ways individuals can regulate themselves and added how important it is during times like this to be on the watch for signs of distress in others, especially those most susceptible, even if they are indoors.

“Make sure to go and check on elderly neighbours,” he said. 

However, it’s not just older individuals who need extra attention — some people have pre-existing health conditions that make them susceptible to heat illness, he added.

“You want to watch for the possibility of heat stroke, any swelling, rash, cramps, and look for signs of fainting,” Cheng said. “Maybe close the blinds and drapes when the sun is shining in and stay hydrated. That is very important.”

For the rest of us, he added, it is important to keep life simple and slow.

“Avoid physical activities during the height of day outside. It is not a good idea to go for a jog,” Cheng said.

Relief from the heat in NOTL isn’t isn’t expected until the weekend.

“It is going to last until Friday and looks like the heat will break on Saturday.”


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