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Massive oak was there one day, gone the next
One day after Enns hugged it, down it came. Enns, with his daughter Julianne, left, and her partner, Stephanie Domanic, mourn the fallen giant oak tree. SUPPLIED
Rudy Enns hugs the massive oak tree in the orchard across from his NOTL home.

Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

On a Saturday in late September, Rudy Enns, warmly embraced a mighty oak tree that stood on the edge of an orchard across from his home on Fire Lane 2A in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Enns, whose family operates Enns Battery and Tire, was in the orchard for wedding photos for a friend of the family and gave the giant tree a full-on, spontaneous hug.

The very next day, they discovered the aging tree had fallen. What a difference a single day makes!

Enns estimates the tree was probably close to 400 years old.

He jokes that some in his family now worry that a hug from Rudy could have dire consequences.





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