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Bake sale this weekend to help a cat in need
Prince the cat is paralyzed from the back down: NOTL Cats Rescue are fundraising for an operation that can help him walk again. SUPPLIED

Prince the cat needs your help.

He was adopted from NOTL Cats Rescue in February and just turned one year old in April.

Around a week ago, Prince’s adoptive family noticed a change in his behaviour.

Tanya Rice, a lead volunteer at NOTL Cats, said that, suddenly, Prince stopped walking completely. 

“Even aside from vet expenses, they just couldn’t care for him anymore because Prince is paralyzed from the back down,” Rice said. “He cannot walk.”

Prince is back in the care of NOTL Cats, which has put together a fundraiser bake sale on Sunday for his veterinarian bills.

Prince’s diagnosis is vertebral body angiomatosis: in other words, a benign tumour squeezing his spinal cord that is causing the paralysis.

With removal surgery, Prince will likely be able to walk normally again: without it, he will lose function in his front legs as well. 

The removal surgery will cost around $20,000 in total.

Rice said the vet told her about three other known cases, all of which are back to a happy, normal life after treatment.

The bake sale to support Prince will be hosted Sunday at Husky on York Road from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“We’ve got everything from homemade jam, brownies, strawberry rhubarb, coffee cakes, raspberry tarts and more,” Rice said.

If you can’t make it to the sale this weekend, NOTL Cats are accepting e-transfer donations to NOTLCatRescue@hotmail.com 

Coconut Quartz, a handmade jewelry business with a studio on Four Mile Creek Road, will also be donating a percentage of all bracelet sales to helping out Prince.

Find out where she is next at coconutquartz.com/pages/upcoming-events.

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