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Sunday, October 2, 2022
Grace United’s Festival Market includes a taste of Colonial history
Items like the secret colonial sauce will be on sale on Saturday.
Items like the secret colonial sauce will be on sale on Saturday. Supplied/John Sayers

John Sayers
Special to The Lake Report 

David Greaves, Grace United Church’s culinary wizard, has been hard at work making all kinds of accompaniments for the church’s Festival Market this Labour Day weekend.

But for the Saturday, Sept. 3, market, the star in David’s culinary universe is Colonial Sauce.

We don’t know what’s in it and he won’t tell us, but we have seen cauliflower in the kitchen as well as spices and a host of other ingredients. No one knows David’s secret recipe but what we do know is that fans buy Colonial Sauce by the case.

However, David did disclose that the recipe has been attributed back to the Field family, United Empire Loyalists who had a large home, which still stands on the Niagara Parkway.

David has just bottled a new batch of Colonial Sauce and if it hasn’t all been scooped up by Labour Day weekend, you’ll be able to buy a jar (or a case), plus a wide array of jams and jellies, at the Festival Market at Grace United Church. See you there.

Then there’s what I call the Battle of the Loaves. Don’t you feel that you’re eating well – and healthfully – when you eat a slice of a date and nut loaf?

It’s sort of like eating nutritious bread (LOL). I’m sure such loaves will be there on Labour Day Saturday, at the home baking table led by Esther Giesbrecht.

And I expect those loaves and many other delights will battle for space with the cherry loaf, cranberry nut Loaf and banana bread loaves. Yummy! This is a battle where everyone wins.

There also is a silent auction. If you’re a jazz fan, you’re going to be going after the rare, authentic, Toronto Jazz Festival jacket that makes a serious statement to everyone about your musical interests.

It’s just one of many desirable objects to pursue – unless you use the “Buy It Now” feature to eliminate the stress.

Befitting the harvest time of the year, Heinz Probst will have an array of fresh produce, just brought in from the fields. The food for your kitchen table just doesn’t get any fresher than this.

And last but not least, you’ll find the book sale which attracts buyers from as far away as the Greater Toronto Area and the Lake Erie shores.

Five thousand (yes, 5,000) quality books have been built up and lovingly organized over many months by book enthusiasts including Marnie Taylor, John and Judith Sayers, Norm and Donna Seymour, and a host of others. We live in a literary town and these books reflect that literary passion.

Oh, and don’t eat breakfast before you come. Pancakes, sausages and coffee will be ready for you at 8 in the morning to enjoy with the other early birds on Saturday.

I think that there was once a catchy song that went, “Try to remember the third of September” – or something like that. Well worth remembering.

The runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.