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Newborn foals a source of joy in difficult year for NOTL stable

Two adorable new arrivals are bringing big smiles to everyone at Red Ribbon Stables, and even drivers passing by the paddock on Concession 6 can’t resist slowing down for a better look at the new filly and colt scampering about under their moms’ watchful gaze.

Farrah, the filly, was born May 18, and the second foal, a colt, arrived on May 23. He’s so new he doesn’t have a name yet.

This is the first time for foals at the family-owned and operated barn in 10 years.

Coach and trainer Leslie McCormick beams with pride and joy as she watches them gallop around.  “Just look at them, they’re so cute!” 

McCormick can finally sleep at night now that both foals have been born. As their due dates approached, she spent night after night, waking up every two hours to check on the expecting mares. 

“We had cameras in their stalls and that saved me from having to actually get up and go to the barn every two hours,” she recounts, but she was nonetheless happy when she could sleep through the night again.

“That’s it, the maternity ward is closed and the midwife is off-duty’” she said with relief. 

“It’s good to have two babies at the same time. They can be good buddies and the mares can get a rest and take turns looking out for them once they’re a little older. And it’s good to socialize them as babies,” McCormick said.  

There’s also a reason they’re turned out in the paddock beside the busy road.

“We have them out in the front paddock so they get used to all the commotion of people coming and going, cars going by, and all the noise.”

The new foals and their antics are an especially welcome source of amusement and excitement in this year of the pandemic. 

Successive lockdowns have been challenging for the business. Lessons had to halt, stripping away income, but expenses don’t change. “Horses still have to eat,” said McCormick. 

With the easing of restrictions on the near horizon, she is looking forward to resuming the lesson program with returning and new students. 

As for the foals, “it will be so fun to watch them grow and develop their personalities.” She expects them to become large ponies and eventually be trained for the hunter ring, and successful show careers.

But for now, their only job is to grow, and, of course, to frolic as only foals can do, much to the delight of any and all onlookers. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the lesson program at Red Ribbon Stables can inquire by email: redribbonstables1@gmail.com.

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