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May. 17, 2021 | Monday
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Obituary: My big sister
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My Big Sister

Pauline was the first born in February 1936 to Frank and Phyllis Wright, who lived in Catford, South London. One year later she was joined by a new baby sister Gwen.

The four of them lived together in a two-bedroom flat, facing the threats of the Second World War. Going to school and visiting family in the Lewisham, South London area.

In 1949, another member of the family popped up namely me, Susan, so that made Pauline and Gwen young teenagers when I arrived. “What a shock for them.” But from what I remember they both made a fuss of me, being the baby of the family.

Pauline loved her clothes and had a great fashion sense. When she left school she went onto doing an apprenticeship in wig making and I hear made some good ones for some well-known people. I can remember Pauline also working in an office on a switchboard and one day she  took me with her to work. I guess I was around five years old at the time. “Great fun.”

Pauline started to get an eye for the boys and, of course, in particular Derek Shervill. They started courting and in 1955 they got married. By this time my parents moved from their flat into a small house in Bellingham, South London. This is where Pauline and Derek came to live with us sharing the rooms etc.

We were together for two years. I have happy memories of the time sneaking into their living room to be made a fuss of once they got home from work. They often took me out with them and their friends, visiting the seaside Brighton and seeing the lights at Southend-on-Sea. What a little pain I must have been. Ha ha!

So when 1957 arrived, Pauline and Derek decided to take off to Toronto, Canada, for a new and exciting life. It was very sad for me and my family. I loved the time we had together and loved the time they gave me as a little girl of age six or seven.

Our family was very happy to know they had settled in Canada and started to put down roots, and made a family of their own. First came their daughter Kim, followed by their son Drew who later married Jane.

Over the years our family made quite a few visits to see them in Canada, each time going to different houses and places.

As time went on they were both blessed with grandchildren, two girls Natalie (who married Cameron) and Tatum, and a grandson Liam.

They finally settled in a lovely house at Niagara-on-the-Lake. What a beautiful place! Just like something out of Anne of Green Gables. Whilst there Pauline made lots of great friends and social scenes, including the lawn bowling club, fish and chips at the Legion, dance nights and, of course, summer events down at the lake at the bottom of their street. Pauline was so happy sitting in her lovely garden watching and feeding the birds, and making a fuss of their beloved dog Bicky.

Then in November 2019, she was blessed with a beautiful great-grandson Azaryah, who made her story complete. Dear Pauline is greatly missed and always in our hearts.