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Royal Oak Student Report: Orange Shirt Day

By Sophie Kamatovic, Elizabeth Yerich and Dani Werner
Special to The Lake Report

Orange Shirt Day is recognized because of Phyllis Webstad, an Indigenous girl. Before she went to school, she and her grandma went shopping and she got a shiny orange shirt. When she got to the residential school the nuns took away her shirt and cut her hair.

We recognize Orange Shirt Day because all the kids got made to go to the residential schools all over Canada. When kids were six years old they had to go to school where they changed their personality forever. At this school they were forced to cut their hair, change their clothes and they were not allowed to speak their own language, often they were not even learning.

Orange Shirt Day is recognized because of Phyllis Webstad and all the other Indigenous children who suffered at residential schools.

Orange Shirt Day was recognized on Wednesday, Sept. 30. Where we acknowledge Orange Shirt Day is at Royal Oak Community School and all over Canada. At Royal Oak Community School, we wear an orange shirt to school to recognize Orange Shirt Day.

The authors of this report, Dani Werner, Elizabeth Yerich and Sophie Kamatovic. (Supplied)


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