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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Letter: Town action, and inaction, on dead trees

The following letter was sent to Niagara-on-the-Lake town council on Monday.

We have asked for three years to have two dead trees removed from private property behind our homes on Shaw’s Lane.

The dead trees would fall on both our properties, destroy our fence and possibly cause damage to our decks and landscaping.

We have also asked for the removal of poison ivy, which climbs up the back of our fences and evergreens. Each year we are told by the town's bylaw folks that the property owner has been requested to do this.

It is a vacant lot with access on two sides. In the spring it is a swamp and promotes the hatching of mosquitoes and other insects, and certainly promotes the growth of the poison ivy.  

So here we are, but the town rushes and destroys 34 good trees and widens what started as path to a road to bring equipment in to remove one dead tree along the Upper Canada Heritage Trail.

We are in accord with those who support the heritage trail and the concerns of the neighbours on both sides of it. Trees lost, canopy disappears, more traffic than intended. Maybe it should have a name change to Line 1.5.

We also were surprised when town officials say it is just normal maintenance and therefore there was no need to give the public notice of their intentions.

A recent article says that further work will not be carried out until after the public has been given the opportunity to voice their opinion and input on a final design? We trust that this will be the case.

Now it is the fall of 2020. No acknowledgement by the town of our request and no apparent action taken to resolve our problem.

Allan Magnacca 

Peter Ashton 


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