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Sunday, September 25, 2022
Letter: Discarded masks, other trash littering Old Town

Dear editor:

I have been a resident of old town NOTL for the last 14 years.

During this time, I have always been proud of the way our town has always been kept very clean, even considering the number of visitors we have during the year.

This town has been a model for others.

Since the reopening of the Old Town to the public this summer things have changed radically.

You now walk in garbage and used face masks all over the downtown area. The garbage and recycling bins have disappeared from Voices of Freeom Park, the Underground Railroad commemorative park at the corner of Regent and Johnson streets.

Now you can see abandoned used coffee cups, face masks and other litter on the ground.

I know because I walk around there every day.

At first I thought it was a maintenance issue and that it would be soon corrected. But it has been more than a month now and they have not returned.

I feel that during this dangerous times, more – not less – attention should be paid to these sources of disease.

I thought I should voice my concerns for the benefit of other residents of the area.

Francois Brunette