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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
New fire truck comes with $1.4M price tag

NOTL has a new $1.4-million fire truck.

The truck, a 2019 Rosenbauer Cobra 101’ aerial platform, is operating out of Station 1 in Old Town and is a replacement for an existing 2006 truck “that had been experiencing reliability issues and significant downtime due to mechanical issues,” Fire Chief Nick Ruller told The Lake Report.

“The reliability of the fire department fleet is incredibly important. Our firefighters take significant pride and ownership in their fleet and equipment as they not only play a critical role in fire suppression and civilian rescue, but are also their potential lifeline at an emergency scene,” Ruller said. An aerial truck has an “expected lifespan of 20 years of frontline service,” he added.

Station 1’s 2007 Spartan Smeal 105’ aerial ladder truck has been relocated to Glendale to replace the 2006 aerial that was decommissioned.

“In addition to the platform that the firefighters can work from, the new truck also has a 2250 gpm pump, 300 gallons of onboard water, over 200 feet of ground ladders, and dual nozzles on the platform that allows it to flow water on multiple areas simultaneously.”

“This significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment better positions our volunteer firefighters to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the community.”

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