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Ross Robinson: NOTL dogs enjoy awesomely active Thanksgiving weekend

Ross Robinson

Special to The Lake Report

For many people, October is a favourite month. Cool breezes, blue skies, leaves changing colour and warming rains. Everyone seems to be a bit more active, squeezing in outdoor activities before the winter weather forces most of us indoors.

Thanksgiving weekend was so glorious,  but the happiest residents of our town seemed to be the dogs.  They were everywhere, leading their masters on daily walks on familiar streets, lush green parks, and along the Niagara River.  How lucky are we, eh?

Come to think of it, without dogs,  there wouldn’t be a lot of action in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  All over town, at all times of the day, who is taking who “for a walk?”

Usually sauntering, sometimes moseying, seldom hurrying, the sight of a dog connected to a human by a leash is just so common.   Dogs always sniffing the ground, and humans regularly stopping to chat with neighbours or friends.

Now, lots of middle aged and senior NOTLER’s get out with their dogs.  But, It saddens me that so few younger NOTLER’s are getting any exercise.  For the three magnificent days of the past long weekend, our perfectly tended soccer fields and baseball diamonds were almost totally unused .  Empty! It is old news that due to screens and perceived safety concerns, kids “just don’t play anymore.”

If it isn’t an organized game,  clinic, league or tournament, kids just don’t get out and play.  Sometimes, the soccer fields are filled with games between temporary offshore workers.  Their skills and enthusiasm are joyful to hear.and watch.

Now,  we see so many dogs taking their masters for one, two or three daily constitutionals.  Keep it up, Rover.

And, where are the cats?

Dogs rule in Canada’s prettiest town.

We are so fortunate in Canada….in 2019.

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