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Local libraries taking part in reading challenge

Niagara libraries are encouraging residents to celebrate Family Literacy Day this Friday by joining the Read For 15 challenge, which as the name suggests challenges families to spend 15 minutes reading on Jan. 25.

This is the first year the libraries across the Niagara region are coming together to promote the importance of literacy.

“Literacy is the most important basic skill for learning in every field,” said Pelham Public Library Deputy CEO Amy Guilmette. “And we would like to encourage every resident in our LiNC communities to take part on Jan. 25 to increase awareness of this worthwhile event.”

On Jan. 25, participants are encouraged to read something for 15 minutes. Then they should use social media to report their reading to the local libraries. Readers can do that by using the hastag “Readfor15LiNC” on social media on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Debbie Krause, community engagement coordinator at NOTL library, said the library is proud to be a part of any event that encourages more people to read.

“It is an opportunity through the cooperative to promote literacy in the region rather than just in our individual communities,” she said.

Family Literacy Day was created by the national non-profit organization ABC Life Literacy in 1999, and the Read for 15 Challenge was started by NWT Literacy Council, a not-for-profit organization in Northwest Territories.

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