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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Exploring Photos with the NOTL Museum: Black Swamp Road

This interesting photo illustrates how much our community has grown over the years. This Virgil photo is looking east down Field Road. The home at the end was known as the Field House (not to be confused with a home of the same name along the Parkway) and was built in 1886 by Jacob Murray Field on the Black Swamp Road (known as Niagara Stone Road today). The farm had livestock, nut trees, garden vegetables and fruit. Jacob Field was part of the township government and was known to deal with local disputes on the upper floor. If you were to look at this perspective today, the home, torn down around 2001, would be the Meridien Credit Union, and to the right would be the LCBO complex and Valu-mart. To the left would be the TD Bank and, of course, there are now several homes and a church along Field Road today.