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Exploring photos: Vern Davey’s butcher shop

The store on Queen Street that is now Just Christmas previously was the Niagara Advance’s printing and publishing office. Prior to the Advance, the store was home to Vern Davey’s butcher shop. This picture shows Davey’s shop as it

Exploring Photos: Dewey McCourt

Everyone in town knew Dewey McCourt and his family. In 1946, he bought the Brock Theatre, and it this composite picture taken that he is seen on the left holding his daughter Hilary. Tickets were 10 cents for children, 15

Exploring photos: John Wright

John Wright, seen in this picture, lived at the foot of King Street next door to the Whale Inn. For many years he was the director of Boys Town, which was held in the building known

Exploring Photos: Magder’s Family Store

Magder’s Family Store was located on the west corner of Queen and Regent streets as seen in thIS picture. The 1960 Chevrolet Corvaire parked in front gives an indication of the year the picture was

Exploring photos: Niagara Home Bakery

Literally everyone in town knew John and Paul Albrechtsan of the Niagara Home Bakery. It was probably one of the most frequented stores in town. Up to the early 1960s, John would deliver bread and baked

Exploring Photos: Sleeping in the attic

My dad built our house at 178 Regent St. and it had only two bedrooms. I slept with my older brother Terry in a double bed and my oldest brother, Don, had a single bed. In the winter,

Exploring Photos: McFarland House

The War of 1812 brought complete destruction to our town. Two members of the McFarland family, James and John, were very active in that conflict. However, John was taken prisoner at the battle

Exploring photos: Regent and Prideaux streets

This 1940s painting shows the corner of Regent and Prideaux streets. As seen in the picture, Regent Street continues past Front and up the hill at Queen’s Royal Park to view Lake Ontario. The yellow

Exploring photos: William Kirby’s House

This painting, done at the corner of Victoria and Front streets, shows the home of historian William Kirby, which was built in 1818. Kirby was a novelist, poet, customs officer and editor of the Niagara Mail. His

Exploring Photos: Regimental inspection on Queen St.

The Royal Canadian Regiment, ofter referred to as the “RCR,” is seen being inspected in this 1939 picture. After the war, every Nov. 11 we schoolchildren from Parliament Oak were marched to Queen Street to attend the service.

HOLD — DO NOT PUBLISH –Exploring photos:

Aboriginal Canadians annually held a pow-wow and clay pigeon shooting competition in town. This 1913 picture was taken at the entrance to the Niagara Golf Club, with the corner of Front and Gate streets in the


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