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Sports: NOTL skaters perform well in competitions
From left, Darah Adeyiwola, Jamie Doucet and Hailey Mitchell represented the NOTL Skating Club at the Hamilton Winter Chill.  Judi Boyle-Krzeczkowski 

Members of the NOTL Skating Club have been testing their skills in competitions around the province.

At the Hamilton Winter Chill from Feb. 3 to 5, Darah Adeyiwola was sixth in the STAR 4 U13 category, Jamie Doucet was fourth in STAR 4 O13 event and Hailey Mitchell won gold in her STAR 4 U10 competition.

Skaters from the club also will be attending a competition in Orono, Ont., Feb. 24 to 26.

Earlier, at the Milton Winter Skate, Ashleen Hale took gold in STAR 9 O14 and bronze in gold women.

Ophelia Xie won bronze in STAR 6 and Samantha Frydryk was sixth in STAR 5 O13. Mary Lamky was 11th in STAR 8, Katharine VanderKaay was 17th in STAR 6 and Soraya Felice was 18th in STAR 7 O12.

And at the Stratford December Classic, Ophelia Xie was fourth in STAR 6, Jamie Doucet was fifth in STAR 4 O13 and Hailey Mitchell placed fifth in STAR 4 U10.

Soraya Felice was 13th in STAR 7 O12, Samantha Frydryk was 13th in STAR 5 O13 and Katharine VanderKaay placed 17th in STAR 6.

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