22.9 C
Niagara Falls
Friday, July 12, 2024
PHOTOS: A rainy mid-July for Niagara-on-the-Lake
People in Old Town taking cover from the rain under the gazebo of Queen's Royal Park during heavy rainfall on Wednesday, July 10. DAVE VAN DE LAAR
Delivery guy Hurbert John is less than impressed with having to unload packages on Queen Street in the pouring rain Wednesday, July 10. RICHARD WRIGHT
A soggy pedestrian doubles down against the heavy rain Wednesday, July 10 by taking cover under his umbrella and storefront awning, while others scramble for a dry spot under the light protection. RICHARD WRIGHT

The town was hit with the lingering effects of Hurricane Beryl this week, which covered much of southern Ontario and Quebec in heavy rainstorm.

Anyone out in the rain on Wednesday, July 10 either ran for cover or tried to brave the stormy weather as they made their way through Old Town.

The forecast from the Weather Network estimates the system will move northward in waves through Thursday.

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