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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Hocus Pocus Mom Market brings Halloween early to NOTL
Though the wind was strong, about 85 vendors set up their tents at the Hocus Pocus market at Jackson-Triggs Winery over the weekend. Between food vendors, local shops, live music and trick or treating for kids, there was something for everyone. Somer Slobodian
Ava enjoys a treat at the Hocus Pocus Market on Saturday. Children of all ages dressed up to trick or treat at different vendors. About 85 vendors were set up at Jackson-Triggs Winery. Somer Slobodian
The owner of Lady Glitter Sparkles, Christina Dovilas, melts and moulds crayons into different shapes and themes. Somer Slobodian
Addi, left, and Charlee, right, trick or treat at the Hocus Pocus Market at Jackson-Triggs Winery on Saturday. Somer Slobodian

Halloween came early at the second annual Hocus Pocus Mom Market last Saturday at Jackson-Triggs Winery. 

Kids dressed as unicorns, witches and cats as they walked among the vendors to get treats. 

About 85 booths were set up despite the strong winds. People had to hold the poles of their tents to prevent them from flying away.

“This is probably one of our highest-anticipated staple markets of the year,” said Ashley Langohr, who runs the Mom Market Collective Inc. Niagara division alongside Miranda Veide.  

Jackson-Triggs hosts the market, while Mom Market Collective Inc. does the rest. 

Cars were lined up on to Niagara Stone Road waiting for a parking spot. 

Those who were in the venue browsed the stalls while enjoying some Niagara wine. Many watched their kids run from booth to booth to get treats. 

“It’s awesome, so many different vendors,” said Sandra Mackeen. “My favourite is that hot sauce place.” 

That would be Delusional Sauce Co., which offers a variety of spicy sauces. 

“I like the ‘Oh Gee’ (hot sauce), I use it as a salad dressing with olive oil,” Mackeen said. 

Lady Glitter Sparkles Crafts, run by Christina Dovilas, has a unique business. 

“I melt and mould crayons into different shapes and curate (them) to different boxes and themes,” she said. 

Though her product is geared toward children, that doesn’t mean adults can’t indulge their inner child. After all, adult colouring books are a thing now. 

“I have characters, Halloween and Christmas (crayons),” she added.

She also has crayons shaped like numbers, animals and food. Dovilas is from Mississauga, so this was her first time participating in a market in Niagara. 

Each Mom Market supports a different charity and this one helped out YWCA Niagara, an organization that helps homeless women and their families in the Niagara Region. 

While proceeds don’t go directly to the charity, the market gives charities a spot to set up a tent and fundraise.

At last month’s market, the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara raised more than $1,500 in donations, Langohr said.

“There’s so many good vendors here, we’re having a really good time,” said Ashley Posavad, who was visiting the market with her husband and two daughters. 

She discovered the market last year while on a bike tour through Niagara-on-the-Lake. So she made sure to make it out this year to support local businesses. 

Besides the outdoor screening of “Hocus Pocus” in the evening, there was the trick or treating for the kids. 

Posavad’s daughter Charlee was dressed as a witch while Addi was a purple unicorn. 

They were excited about all the candy they collected. 

“We’ll get their candy,” their mom said with a laugh. 

While Langohr loves all of the vendors, she has a soft spot for Niagara-based Windwick Farm, which makes freeze-dried products. 

“It’s something that my daughter, who is such a picky toddler, will eat,” said Langohr. 

Shopping local is important to Langohr and she hopes people remember to support Niagara businesses even after the pandemic.