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High school students lend a hand at Red Roof Retreat
Grade 11 and 12 students from Westlane Secondary School in Niagara Falls were helping out at Red Roof Retreat on Friday. Somer Slobodian
Taylor Carr from Westlane Secondary School in Niagara Falls spent last Friday morning mucking the barn at Red Roof Retreat. (Somer Slobodian) Somer Slobodian
Shari Hartwick, left, paints signs with Melissa Padilla from Westlane Secondary School. Last Friday, students spent the morning at Red Roof Retreat to help with gardening, painting and cleaning. (Somer Slobodian) Somer Slobodian
Hannah Tan, left, and Habiba work together to carry a heavy bag of dirt. They were at Red Roof Retreat last week with their classmates volunteering for the morning. (Somer Slobodian) Somer Slobodian
Chris, a client of Red Roof Retreat, is focused as he paints some crafts. (Somer Slobodian) Somer Slobodian

Students from Westlane Secondary School in Niagara Falls learned the value of volunteering last week at Red Roof Retreat.

Red Roof Retreat is a charitable organization that provides programs and camps to children, teens, and young adults with spe- cial needs, as well as their families.

The day started around 10 a.m. for the students, who also got a tour of the Line 6 property in Niagara-on-the- Lake before starting their assigned jobs.

Some kids mucked out animal pens, some gardened, some cleaned and some painted motivational messages onto wood boards.

Clients of Red Roof Retreat also participated in the fun with some painting activities under the tent.

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