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Letter: Why did council make heritage trail decision in-camera?
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

In response to your Jan. 4 article, “Divide grows over using heritage trail in Solmar subdivision work,” given the widespread financial support of the heritage trail by NOTL residents and businesses there must be significant unhappiness and disbelief as to what has happened and why.

The Lake Report views itself as the voice of the community as well as an ardent supporter of democracy.

This being the case I think your newspaper should be leading the charge to have council explain why the session to discuss this matter had to be held in camera, who voted in favour of proceeding in this manner and who voted in favour of offering access via the heritage trail to developer Benny Marotta.

Furthermore, the extent of the access and what the heritage trail will look like afterward needs to be made clear.

I believe a two-lane road requires a width of approximately 66 feet (20 metres).

Democracy works best with maximum transparency so please tell us who voted for this disgrace and their reasons for doing so.

John McCallum

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