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Letter: When will we know details of Village retail project?
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Dear editor:

I was going to be facetious and segue into this letter by claiming that our council had finally resolved the decades old residential parking problem, while observing that the blacktop and curb work has been completed on the land adjacent to our Shoppers Drug Store and Niven Road.

However, I was informed that rumour has it this is actually a planned retail project as part of the Village development. The operative word here is “rumour.”

There’s no site plan billboard on the property.

Such signs are often displayed at developments to advise the public and neighbourhood what is actually planned for a property. A boutique hotel, a grocery store, etc.? Who knows?

The developer, John Hawley, knows, but for some unknown reason has elected to keep this from the residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Accordingly, can someone from our town council or municipal planning department put these rumours to rest and provide us with an answer and an estimated timeline for the project’s completion?

Samuel Young

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