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Letter: When officials don’t understand ‘open and transparent’
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

It’s unfortunate that your interesting article, “Speed camera on Niagara Stone Road now active,” (Jan. 11) ended with the declaration that information about what speed over the limit will trigger the issuing of a ticket “will not be disclosed to the public.”

Isn’t it ironic that many recent, local news reports have been emphasizing how important it is for government to be open and transparent in all matters to the people they serve?

This “speed camera” debacle is a perfect example of government officials behaving as if they don’t understand “open and transparent.”

Speed cameras are necessary in any community where the traffic laws are ignored by scofflaws.

Logic and common sense surely dictate that the posted speed limit is what the law intended and cameras should be set at that number.

Everyone will be aware – if it is not kept secret. The written law does not allow for individual interpretation according each driver’s personal opinion.

Non-disclosure agreements are for business and military secrets, not politics.

George Dunbar

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