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Letter: We need to persuade Ford to stop privatized health care
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Dear editor:

I had a hip replacement in 2016, a successful procedure after a wait of a couple of months.

Now, we have the enactment of Bill 60, where the Ontario government is opening hospital services to private and for-profit companies.

Previously this government limited wages for medical personnel, including nurses, who we know were overworked.

Remember how we tried to encourage them with banging of saucepans?

If I were a nurse – tired, overworked and underpaid – I would be very tempted to try the private sector.

If many do this imagine how much more understaffed the public system will be.

What is the result?

If you can afford it, you go private (at least $40,000 for a hip replacement before inflation took hold) or else you wait and wait.

The condition can only get worse (remember the lad with curvature of the spine?) or perhaps you die. Then you only have funeral expenses.

Is it possible to persuade Premier Doug Ford that we do not want private care overtaking a public system, which could be an example to the continent?

If only he was in touch with what Ontarians actually want, instead of just his rich pals.

Cynthia Rand

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