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Sunday, February 25, 2024
Letter: We need a council in touch with NOTL’s needs
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Dear editor:

We have been reviewing all the comments made by candidates for mayor and town councillor and weighing my options very carefully, particularly for the position of lord mayor.

Recent comments by candidate Vaughn Goettler clearly show he has not lived in this area for any length of time and must believe that no one else has either.

He states, “We have to be careful where we pick to live,” when weighing in on concert noise from wineries and seems to believe that they were here first.

With the exception of a very few, the wineries did not arrive until the early 1990s.

Prior to the winery invasion one could enjoy the most peaceful, quiet evenings.

Apparently the wineries don’t make enough revenue just selling wine so they have to bump it up with loud outdoor concerts. And let’s not even get into the barrage of 15-minute fireworks noise.

We need a council that can remember what the town once was, where it has improved and where it has not improved.

We’re not too sure if it is fixable at this stage but at least it may be worth a try.

Marlene and Wayne Penner


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