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Letter: Virgil speed camera starts next week
A speed camera has been installed in Virgil and is in the testing stage. EVAN LOREE

Dear editor:

If you see a flash while driving through Virgil near Crossroads Public School, it means your licence plate has just been photographed and you soon could get a speeding ticket in the mail.

The new speed It will take your plates’ picture whether coming or going.

In Barrhaven, an Ottawa community similar in size to Virgil, close to 10,000 tickets were issued in its camera’s first three months of operation.

Would not a police presence help protect this community? It has been found that radar speed signs are most effective in the first month or so of being in a neighbourhood. After that, people get used to them.

Alternatively in Windsor, efforts have been made to expand its speed sign program, a non-intrusive method of reminding drivers of their speed as they approach a community, as an expedited, temporary traffic-calming procedure. 

We have all seen one and responded accordingly when approaching the heritage district on Mississagua near at the community centre.

While police enforcement isn’t directly tied to the signs, data collected from them is shared with authorities. Information is passed on to the police and the best enforcement is then determined.

Derek Insley

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