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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Letter: Town needs to rescind decision on trail access
Letter to the editor. Supplied

Dear editor:

It is deeply concerning to me that, behind closed doors, our elected officials would offer access to a proposed subdivision development via one of our public spaces by turning a section of the Upper Canada Heritage Trail into a roadway.

We are not obligated to someone who has purchased a property for development and now finds issues establishing means to access.

It has been established that the originally planned right-of-way needs to be protected due to heritage plantings and designation, but that does not mean that the town has to offer alternatives.

Solmar is connected to the owners of at least two other bordering properties on East & West Line and John Street which might be used for access.

This portion of the heritage trail (Paffard-Charlotte to East & West Line) has been improved with funding support from private donors.

Having it turned into a 66-foot-wide road would risk the adjacent trail being compromised by increased traffic and construction. This decision might also discourage future private donations for such projects.

It also feels patronizing when, as compensation, the town offers a “heritage trail gateway that we will be consulted on” at a site that isn’t even the starting point of the trail. We don’t want a gateway. We want our quiet, peaceful trail.

I am asking our elected officials to reconsider and rescind the offer of granting Solmar any easement via the heritage trail.

Frances Boot

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