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Friday, April 19, 2024
Letter to the editor: Re: snobby NOTLers


Perhaps people who think NOTLers are snobby misunderstand the reason why we fight and complain. We are passionate to retain a community of diverse buildings and some local availability of social, job and shopping requirements. We want the same for St. Davids. Part of our complaining is against the rampant housing development there without responsibility for supplying some planned space for local retail, commercial and green space which would make a bus less imperative or addressing the transportation issue as part of the development plan. Perhaps St. Davids residents should also be joining together to campaign for the planning improvements which make a better community.

So many areas in which we live nowadays are a a mass of housing with a mall in the middle, the mall comprising of exactly the same stores as the mall in the middle of the next housing area.

So what is so wrong with wanting to be a unique little town? What is wrong with preserving a small main street of different stores, residential streets with a little character and walkability to amenities? What is wrong with fighting to preserve a community which provides the quality of life we came here to find?

In this era of profit above everything it takes a lot of people making a lot of noise to keep identifiable, livable towns rather than spreading suburbs. So don’t misunderstand us, St. Davids. Join us.

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