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Letter: Thanks to councillor for honest insights into social anxiety
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Dear editor:

I appreciate The Lake Report reprinting the column that originally appeared on Coun. Maria Mavridis’ public blog, (“Councillor’s social anxiety led to recess at special Randwood council meeting,” May 4).

It was a refreshing article.

Thank you, Maria, for making the difficult decision of being open and honest about your social anxiety.

You led by example when you chose to have compassion and defend Deputy Lord Mayor Erwin Wiens, who was faced with a challenging situation the evening of the special council meeting. 

You highlighted the sacrifice that individuals make when they step up to represent their community and run for public office. As you noted, they have the right to do their job in an environment of respect. 

Community leaders everywhere could take a lesson from you.

Well done!

Cindi LoForti Lepp

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