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Letter: Region’s speed camera program gets a failing grade

Dear editor:

How successful has Niagara Region’s program been to educate drivers to reduce their speed in front of Crossroads Public School?

As a teacher with 38 years of high school and university experience, I would assign a grade of F.

The first reason is the removal of the flashing lights near the speed camera. They were replaced by small signs with a lot of text that requires a driver to practically stop in order to read all of it.

The region’s reason for that removal, as reported in The Lake Report, is incomprehensible. It makes no sense.

If those lights cannot effectively or legally be near the speed limit signs, then move them half a kilometre away to warn drivers to watch their speed as they approach the school.

There’s no doubt that a flashing light is extremely effective as a warning signal.

Do the drafters of this policy ever actually drive on the roads that are affected? I have driven on Niagara Stone Road for more than 20 years and wholeheartedly agree to lower speed limits in front of schools.

Next is the policy itself. Is the limit of 40 km/h in effect when the school is closed for holidays, PD days and over the summer? Those are legitimate questions. Could there not be large signs clearly and briefly providing answers?

When a driver receives a speeding ticket and tries to pay it in the most convenient way — online — it cannot be done because the site is not yet working.

Did its designer not think to test the system before the new speed limit policy was instituted?

Could the region not have in place a convenient method (a phone number, fine payable at any bank) of paying the fine instead of requiring drivers to travel all the way to Welland to pay in person?

Understanding laws is vitally important in gaining respect and regular adherence to them. The failure to realize this seems evident in whoever is responsible for this change on Niagara Stone Road.

Wesley Turner
St. Catharines

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