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Friday, March 1, 2024
Letter: Please return Harvest Barn to the way it was
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I see from a real estate advertisement in The Lake Report that the former Harvest Barn property is up for lease.

Regular long-term customers, like myself, determined early that the renaming of this market with its boutique layout and pricing to match, was a flawed and destined-to-fail business model.

Regulars, including my family, departed along with the lunchtime construction contractor crowd. The latter folks are now seen at McDonald’s.

The former Harvest Barn was a regular local and visitor go-to shopping destination. Tripadvisor reviews were five stars.

Accordingly I propose, and I would bet returning this business to its former self would immediately recapture the lost customer revenues and gain the immediate approval of our community.

Samuel Young

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